LEAVE JACKO ALONE! Los fans del Smooth Pederast escriben…

Aquí están algunos de mis mensajes favoritos, cortesía de los fans de Wacko Jacko. Si llegan más, los iré añadiendo. Mis respuestas están en LETRA COLOR “ROJO CHAMARRITA DE VIDEO DE THRILLER“…Y lo siento, no puedo traducir las que están en inglés…

From:     lulukordzadze@____.com
Subject:     About your blog about Michael Jackson

To whom it may concern,

I’ll be short but to the point. The content on the following page https://finisimapersona.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/la-muerte-famosa-no-es-otro-estupido-post-de-michael-jackson/#comment-6815 is beyond disrespect! Especially when it comes to a deceased person.

Michael Jackson wasn’t only world’s greatest entertainer but also a great Humanitarian. He never deserved such disrespect. He was the only celebrity who has raised $300 million for charity. During his life, the media has put him though hell only because he loved, cared and has saved lives of thousands of dying children.

Let me remind you, in 2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted on all 10 counts. Michael Jackson is Innocent! Trashing his name the way your page does with this hateful “article” will bring no fame to your page.

There exists a veritable army of Michael Jackson advocates who refuse to accept further denigration of Michael Jackson’s character, legacy and reputation.
On behalf of all the concerned fans, I would like to ask the management of the page to Remove “Michael Jackson Jokes”.This may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot to all of us.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. We are looking forward to an immediate response to our plea.

Lulu Kordzadze
Tbilisi, Georgia

Hi Lulu,

Thanks for your letter. As the author and proud owner of the blog you just visited, I sympathize with your deep admiration of Michael Jackson and his art. I honestly do.

However, it causes me great pain to realize that you probably didn’t understand a single word within the article itself, and likely didn’t read it at all (not in its original form, that is). It has come to my attention that a significant number of Michael’s fans have been writing and commenting en masse during the past couple of days, no doubt spurred by someone who is actually fluent in Spanish and who deemed the written piece as offensive and disrespectful. This person must have taken it as his/her duty to direct some kind of lame protest directed to my site and e-mail address, probably through some kind of social network group or public forum.

That would be all well and good if the article wasn’t a) an Op-Ed piece, subject to freedom of speech and all those good things that people who have an actual opinion about significant events within our society and culture get to enjoy, and b) perfectly non-slanderous –and at times even praiseful– of Michael Jackson’s life and artistic legacy. If you could actually understand what’s written in the post, you would be able to realize how much I enjoyed Michael’s musical talent, and how baffled I was about the circumstances surrounding his personal life and untimely death. The piece does go on to mention the media’s perspective on the artist and his extravagant behavior, which even resulted in allegations of questionable sexual practices including minors, but criticizing me for writing about something reported by said media would be akin to calling a newsmen a “warmonger” just because he read a dispatch concerning armed conflict taking place somewhere in the world.

My main problem with most of those who have written about this post demanding its removal from my blog is that they have failed to read and understand the article objectively. They just take the fact that I mention Jackson’s trials and tribulations as reported by the media and try to turn it into some sort of personal attack instigated by yours truly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. I take it you didn’t read about the part where I deemed Michael’s performance at the Concert for Motown’s 25th Anniversary as one of the most important moments in the history of popular music. Neither did you stop to think about me calling Off The Wall and Thriller two of the best pop albums of all time. These are just a couple of examples that prove to me you didn’t actually read the post, just reacted to it influenced by someone else’s initiative.

As I’ve taken the time to respectfully respond to your e-mail, I would consider it common courtesy for you to share it with the rest of those who think it’s “disrespectful” or “slanderous”. If the opinions expressed by the readers in the comments section seem offensive to you, that’s a different story. But please, PLEASE don’t share the ignorance and stupidity of those who have been complaining about my opinion on Michael’s life and work without even pausing to read and understand the words I’m writing. So far, you’ve shown me you’re above all that. Keeping up with an unfounded attack on my writings would, however, negate all the good will I have towards you and your respect for your favorite artist.

Best regards and lots of goodwill, all the way to beautiful Georgia.

J. A. Sempere

P.S.: Please, if you come across the person or persons who originated this wave of unfounded outrage towards my blog, feel free to share this e-mail with them. I doubt they’ll be as fluent in English as you obviously are, but if they want me to clarify my stance on the issues, I’m fluent in Spanish as well. 😉

From:     lulukordzadze@_____.com
Subject:     RE: About your blog about Michael Jackson

Hello Juan,

Thank you for your reply. I have to admit when I read your mail, I had a terrible feeling of guilt and I even felt shamed I had “attacked” an innocent blog and its owner. (This is unacceptable for me) But this feeling lasted only
until a friend of mine translated your blog for me. When I read what she wrote to me, honestly, I wished to have that guilty feeling and apologize to you (which actually I was going to do!). Well from here, I’ll  be really short and to the very point, this is what she translated:
” of course. I admire Michael Jackson, musician and genius of entertainment. Michael Jackson, as a human being gives me the same disgust that we reserve to anyone who falls under suspicion of abuse or even a child inappropriately. “” After reading this, feeling of guilt or being ashamed have left me immediately! Michael Jackson for me is not only a musician, an icon, an idol, he means much more to me. He’s had a great impact on my life and I (like millions of others worldwide) don’t only admire his music but I also do admire the person he was. And believe me he was the most generous heart ever. It is very nice that you admire Michael Jackson as a musician but it is very sad that you prefer to believe those filthy lies and tabloids and do not want to see the truth. This humanitarian genius was literally put though hell only because he Loved and Cared! I feel like once again reminding you that in 2005 Michael Jackson was acquitted on all 10 counts. (I’m even sending you a link to see it yourself.)

It would be more then amazing if you focus only on his great career if you dislike him as a person. And that photo there is beyond disrespect as well.

Best Regards,

Hi Lulu,

So, by your standards, I’m not allowed to have a human perspective of Michael Jackson, the person, because of the hint that he might have had inappropriate relationships with minors? Mind you, I’m not basing that perception by what the press said about the man, since everyone knows that the media can manipulate and misinform on occasion. However, the sheer volume of accusations against Jackson suggests that, even after being absolved on two separate instances by the Californian judiciary system, he still conducted himself in a manner that made him at least worthy of being investigated. I guess you and I differ on what “suspiciousness” means, but having carefully studied the habits of sexual predators and deviants I can tell that there are enough red flags in his case to arise distrust, at least on my part.

Now, I also know that the legal system can be imperfect, particularly in California. This is the state that absolved OJ Simpson in a murder case, that has allowed people like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton back on the streets after several DUI convictions and that found a group of policemen “not guilty” after savagely beating an unarmed man for a harmless traffic violation on camera. So, after all the accusations against Michael Jackson and his penchant for surrounding himself with 10 to 12 year old boys (girls conspicuously absent, by the way), am I not allowed even the slightest hint of distrust at the man? Really?

Taste can be subjective. The reasons behind one’s dislike of an individual even more so. So trust me when I tell you that I wasn’t even remotely interested on an apology from you in this matter. You have as much right to dislike the opinions I express on my blog as I do disliking the way Michael Jackson conducted himself in his private life, even if I’m wrong about it. Would my opinion be different had I met the man personally and heard his side of the stories about him? Probably so. But then again, YOU didn’t knew him as closely as to be in a position to tell me what I should think about him, either. Yes, I’m aware of his charity work. No, I’m not impressed by it. Bill Gates has given fifty times as much as Michael Jackson to charities around the world, and I’m not about to elevate him to sainthood. And there are plenty of artists who have given vast amounts of money to worthy causes, it’s not like Jackson had an exclusive on philanthropy. The idea that he was chastised and hated because he “Loved and Cared” is borderline absurd for me, sorry. I don’t believe in such conspiracies, at least not from that standpoint.

The feeling I get from your criticism of my opinion is that of a suppressive mindset. I understand you’re of Georgian descent. I don’t need to remind you how wrong it is to pretend to abolish independent thought, after all those years of fun your country enjoyed under Soviet rule. A man far wiser than I once said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” That’s the essence of Freedom of Speech. And that extends to other forms of human expression as well, since you also criticized an illustration that someone used to explain how Twitter servers were brought down by the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I take it you’re not too familiar with satire and metaphors, so I won’t bother defending the image anymore. But it stays, and that’s final.

In a nutshell, there’s a simple solution for you if you don’t like my blog: Stop visiting it. I seriously doubt that people come to it for the sake of reading hard news stories. They come to it for opinions. Even Jackson, your beloved entertainer, would agree that I have as much right to express those as anyone else in this world.

Have a good day,


From:     Rihab B. Saidi

In respect of Michael Jackson, his children and family, could you please remove this trashy rubbish about him from your page. It is a slanderous attack on the character of Michael Jackson. Have you lost all respect for a man that gave his all to this world and donated millions of dollars to charities and helped to heal the world?
You must know that We are not going to stop and that we will no longer tolerate further denigration of Michael Jackson’s name and reputation!
it’s the worst page I’ve ever seen!
It’s time for you all to put your pride and love of human suffering aside and find some morals. Michael Jackson has 3 young children, a father and a mother, 6 brothers and 3 sisters, and …many nephews and nieces who have all been struggling for closure amidst this media circus surrounding their father/son/brother/uncle’s death, AND life. I would have thought that following Michael Jackson’s demise you would all begin to open your eyes and see who Michael really is/was. I guess no one want to take that responsibility.
Michael Jackson has long been the target of merciless press and we, those who love Michael Jackson, need his name to be restored to where it belongs-with honour, respect and the dignity that he deserves.
Do your own research look for the truth & do not believe all what the media feeds you with.
please take a look at this article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-thomson/one-of-the-most-shameful_b_610258.html
go to this wesite & you’ll see the truth http://charlesthomsonjournalist.blogspot.com/
Michael was unique different but not weird & most importantly INNOCENT.
I really wish you love because i can’t understand people who have so much hate in their hearts for a person they don’t know, they never met & who did no harm to them.
Thank you.

Hi, Rihab! How’s life in the good ol’ Emirates?

Just a few quick comments on your <sarcasm>smartly written message</sarcasm>, in order to clarify my stance:

1. I haven’t “lost all respect for a man that gave his all to this world…”, since I had none to begin with.
2. If helping “heal the world” meant giving underage kids “Jesus Juice” and allegedly showing them his vitiligo-spotted wiener, well… All I can say is that you and I have different concepts about world-healing initiatives.
3. If you and other fans of Jacko aren’t going to stop, my message to you is simple: Bring it on, bitches. And bring along some Twilight-loving tweens with you as well, since they will likely cover your retreat once I’m finished owning your collective asses. Yes, I consider Team Edward and Team Jacob far worthier adversaries than Team Sexual Predator.
4. My blog is the worst page you’ve ever seen? Really? Dude, you have to surf the Net a little more often. I’m not sure if BrazilianGoatFisting.com is still active, but boy, are you in for a treat if it is!
5. On the subject of putting my “pride and love of human suffering aside and find some morals”… you may be right. As fun as it is being proud and amoral, it gets old after a while. So thanks for that one, you’re like the Creepy Uncle Who Touched Me Inappropriately During Holidays that I never had.
6. I read your links to Thomson’s article. I’m sending you some links to other journalistic pieces that aren’t nearly as apologetic of Jacko. Hey, you started it!
7. Last of all, where did you get the idea that I hate Michael Jackson? Honestly, I don’t get it.

Well, this was fun. Thanks for being so involved in defending Wacko Jacko and all, but the post stays. Now go lay on your bed and rest your weary little head to rest upon your cock-shaped pillow, while you shed the bitter tears of humiliation.

From:     John Paul <silencedbytheworld@______.com>
Subject:      To Whom It May Concern

I saw the article that you wrote on Michael Jackson, and I was greatly offended. Michael Jackson was a nice, caring, loving, generous and talented man, that was slandered by the media way too much. Michael was an innocent man who ever disliked because of his changing appearance. I am a proud Michael Jackson fan, and love him even more everyday. I’m writing on behalf to ask that you please remove your blog on MJ. It would mean the world to Us, the fans. Thanks for your time and God Bless You. It’s all for L.O.V.E!! Love You Michael! 🙂

Hi, John Paul!

You claim you “saw” the article, which is actually completely different from “reading” the article. If you had read it, you would have understood what I tried to express in the first place, which was the fact that I considered Michael Jackson to be one of the most talented performers and entertainers ever. I do, however, pointed out the controversial position he found himself in as his career progressed, as reported by the worldwide media, attributable to bad career moves and questionable behavior. If these claims and reports about him were true or not, that’s an entirely different story, but it’s not a story I wrote in the first place.

It’s obvious that you (and most of the other fans who have been writing to me these past couple of days) are not fluent in Spanish, and that their reaction to my post was instigated by someone who read the piece and didn’t understand it. That’s kind of funny, if you think about it, but it’s not conductive to me being even remotely motivated to remove the post. One of the great things about Freedom of Speech is that I’m entitled to an opinion, and you have to be respectful of it. So, you’ll surely realize the great contradiction involved in taking down the post just because someone didn’t have the mental acuity to get the gist of whatever I was trying to say. Sounds downright stupid, won’t you agree?

Thanks for taking the time to write, and lots of love back atcha!


P.S.: Feel free to tell the originator of this futile, misguided and ultimately pointless campaign against my blog to write back to this e-mail address, if he/she wants an explanation of my blog post. But please, stop propagating ignorance and stupidity by protesting about something that you just don’t understand. It’s borderline pathetic to become a pawn of someone else’s imbecility, you know?

From:     John Paul <silencedbytheworld@______.com>
Subject:     RE: To Whom It May Concern

Well, thanks for informing me about misguided info. and I will tell them know about this. I, for one, am not the ignorant one and yes, clearly, I understand the term “Freedom of Speech.” If your article was about him being the best entertainer ever, then I apologize for bothering you, even tho….never mind. I was emailed by the creator of this campaign, and she was talking about your article, so I took action.  So, don’t take your frustration out on me, for I, was in defense mode for Michael, as his whole life he was attacked by everyone/thing. So it was only logical for us to defend him, we are in mourn, and sometimes we let emotion get the best of us. We’ve seen this kind of stuff all through his death, so now We, the fans, are taking action to have this removed. Thanks for the reply.

John Paul

Hey there, Paulie Boy!

Apology accepted. I just want to point out that I’m not taking my frustration out on you. For starters I’m not even remotely frustrated by all the brouhaha that my post has caused within the Jacko-mourning community. I’m actually quite amused by it. And even if I was frustrated about something, I usually take the edge off with angry sex, heavy drinking (heavier than usual, that is) and Karaoke. That’s just the kind of person I am. We should totally hang out…

From:     myangel.haven@_______.com
Subject:     La solicitud

Los responsables

En nombre de todos los fans de Michael Jackson le insto a que retire este sitio porque hacer la apología al odio y la intolerancia.

No podemos permitir que se propague.

Estas personas se están promoviendo con el nombre de una gran estrella que acaba de difundir el amor de todo el mundo.

Michael Jackson y sus hijos merecen respeto.

Por favor, tome una postura y eliminar este sitio web tan pronto como sea posible.
São Paulo-Brasil

Querida Alessandra,


Ciudad de México

From:     mitzi_hp_fanatica@_______.com
Subject:     La Muerte Famosa (No es otro estúpido post de Michael Jackson)

mira, yo soy una fan de Michael y lo considero la mejor persona que ha pisado esta tierra y por sobre todo, una de las personas que más ha hecho algo por este mundo, por que sea un mejor lugar, siempre fue un niño en su corazon y siempre su vida se basó en el amor.
Siempre he pensado que la gente que se cree todo lo que dice la prensa, tiene una visión muy equivocada de la realidad y eso te vuelve un ignorante, ni la prensa ni ningún juez es Dios, por lo que nadie tiene derecho a juzgarlo, los que amamos a Michael sabemos que el nunca hizo daño a nadie, ni mucho menos a los niños… escribiría montones de cosas mas pero con lo que te escribiré ahora te lo diré todo: realmente perdí mi tiempo al leer esto. https://finisimapersona.wordpress.com/2009/07/04/la-muerte-famosa-no-es-otro-estupido-post-de-michael-jackson/#comment-6815

¿En serio comienzas tus mails escribiendo “mira”? ¿En serio? Cielos, me encanta participar en un duelo de ingenios, pero sería cruel enfrentarme a una oponente que se halla totalmente desarmada.

From:     marilyn.telita@______.com
Subject:     Please remove

Please remove this page .It is very disrespectful and demeaning towards a person.Thanks so much!(gracias)

Really? Please point out exactly why, I’m curious what is it you found to be so “disrespectful and demeaning towards a person” in the post. Don’t just act because someone tells you to, that’s quite stupid.


From:     marilyn.telita@______.com
Subject:    RE: Please remove

My opinion…That’s all…Not looking for a debate here. It is what it is.
I don’t act because I am told .That would be an assumption on your part,and you know what they say about “assuming”
Have a great day!

So, since you read and obviously understood the Spanish-written post, I’m assuming (yes, I know what they say about “assuming”, since I happen to be fluent in Lamejoke-ese), you’ll have no problem continuing this friendly exchange of ideas in Spanish, right? Because honestly, I’m awfully curious about what your concept of “disrespectful and demeaning” might be…

Entonces, ya que hemos establecido que hablas español y leíste el artículo, ¿podrías señalar cuál es el pasaje de la pieza que encuentras ofensivo y carente de respeto? Si no es uno en particular, también puedes resumir a grandes rasgos los puntos específicos que te provocan a escribirme. Claro, dudo mucho que seas capaz de hacerlo, pues es obvio que actúas porque alguien más lo sugirió y tú asumiste (el chiste de ” assume just makes an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’ ” no funciona en castellano, por si ibas a hacerlo) que el artículo era ofensivo, sin mayor averiguación.

Yo tampoco estoy buscando un debate, estoy expresando una opinión. Tu amado ídolo debe estar revolcándose en su tumba al saber que sus pseudo aficionados han entablado una campaña de desautorización hacia alguien con opiniones propias. Debería darles vergüenza. El artículo se queda donde está, puesto que careces de un solo argumento para justificar su remoción. ¡Que tengas un bonito día!


P.S.: I you’re having problems understanding the last two paragraphs, there’s always Google Translator…

From:     francesca.meschi.93@live.it
Subject:     Michael Jackson

Plenty of Michael Jackson’s fans all around the world would like you to remove this page from the web:




Michael Jackson is dead: we want just a little of RESPECT for a dead man, whoever he is.

Second: Michael Jackson was definitely one of the purest human beings that have ever walked on earth, we have been fighting to clear his name for a long time and this page represents now our new goal.
If you don’t believe me please take information before publishing this garbage: he was innocent: he used to play with kids doing, for example cake/water baloon fights, on youtube you can find plenty of those videos!!! (watch “Michael Jackson private home movies”, also as a private, believe me  it would be a great experiece also for yourself…… you’ll discover your pure child-like side, you’ll “meet” a PURE INNOCENT person able to open your heart and make you feel better…. we all need some innocence)
Maybe you (as many others) do not understand that “sleeping together” is not always linked with “sex”, because YOU are not innocent!!!

So please remove this page, if you don’t belive us, at least think that we are a great number of your followers!!!!!

yours sincerely

Numerous as you Wacko Jacko fans may be, you’re but a small, insignificant speck within the spectrum of my true, regular readership. Moreover, YOU are not one of said readers. If you could read Spanish you would realize that my blog admired Michael Jackson for the artist he was. I have an opinion about him that neither you nor the rest of the brainwashed fans who refuse to accept the shortcomings of his private life will be able to change.

Now, let’s make another thing clear: I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF YOU FIND THIS POST DISRESPECTFUL OR NOT. The beauty of Freedom of Speech is that I can express whatever opinions I have on any given subject and YOU have to respect them. That’s the way it works. Even Wacko Jacko knew this. There’s nothing slanderous about my writings, I’m just giving echo to stuff that’s in the press already about his private life. And don’t give me the bullshit argument about how “the press tried to destroy him”. All those things you hear about him being a great humanitarian and philanthropist were also reported by, guess who? THE FUCKING PRESS. Oh, and Michael Jackson’s PR machine, who were always soooo busy telling us about the great person he allegedly was. Give me a fucking break.

Open your eyes and ears to a healthy dose of cold, hard, truth: He was not a saint, nor a hero. He was a remarkable artist who was as flawed and fucked-up as dozens of other children who weren’t allowed to live normal childhoods. Did he abuse minors? I don’t know. Neither do you, by the way. You didn’t live with him. My opinion on Jacko is based solely on the perception he projected of himself with all the weird-ass shit he carefully cultivated around his public persona. I can only add that I’ve studied sexual predators before, and that I have enough of a theoretical basis to conclude that if he looked, sounded and acted like a textbook pederast, there’s a pretty good chance he probably was one. Hey, but that’s just MY opinion. So respect it. The post stays. Please don’t make me re-write it in a TRULY offensive way, so you can start understanding the difference.

Have a nice fucking day, you filthy skank.

Lovingly yours,

Toño Sempere
Proud owner of this webpage
Professional Asshole


16 comentarios en “LEAVE JACKO ALONE! Los fans del Smooth Pederast escriben…

  1. Superb! Jajajaj incluso hice cita a una parte de una de tus tantas respuestas en Twitter.
    Por supuesto que da pena ver una campaña tan pobre, mediocre encabezada por gente malinformada.
    Nótese que la mayoría de quienes aplicasen a escribir a FP no dudaron ni un momento de catalogar a MJ casi como un Dios [Fué culpado injustamente solo porque AMÓ y PROCURÓ].

    PD. Tomaré eso de “Proffessional Asshole” para mis tarjetas de presentación ahora que haga el TOEFL. Será la sensación.

    Saludos, Sam Pérez!

  2. Master Toño es un grande con sus respuestas a gente tan cerrada y ciega que no creen mas que en lo que su poca materia gris les otorga, ademas de que no saben aceptar opiniones y criticas diferentes a lo que ellos piensan.

    Y me quedo con esta gran respuesta de su parte que no me deja parar de reír.

    From: myangel.haven@_______.com
    Subject: La solicitud
    Los responsables

    En nombre de todos los fans de Michael Jackson le insto a que retire este sitio porque hacer la apología al odio y la intolerancia.

No podemos permitir que se propague.

Estas personas se están promoviendo con el nombre de una gran estrella que acaba de difundir el amor de todo el mundo.

Michael Jackson y sus hijos merecen respeto.

Por favor, tome una postura y eliminar este sitio web tan pronto como sea posible.
    São Paulo-Brasil

    Querida Alessandra,


    Ciudad de México


  3. jajaja, ahora resulta que si no leo los post, si no los entiendo y que sólo me dijeron que algo es EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL ya te van a obedecer, los correos (y las respuestas) de Marilyn y el de Alessandra me dieron mucha risa.

  4. Cuando el post sobre el hate mail de los fanses de Toailait?

    El premio se lo lleva:

    “Querida Alessandra,


    Ciudad de México”


  5. ¿Quien era ese tal Michael Jackson?, ¿De que hablan?, ya en serio, quien toma en cuenta la opinión de alguien que solo es incitado a opinar acerca de algo que no ha leído y mucho menos entendido o al menos tratado de entender, en lo personal prefiero leer al señor Sempere con un texto irreverente y desmadroso que a una bola de gente traumada y con fijaciones malsanas sobre un artista (cualquiera, así sea el mejor en su ramo).

  6. Con ganas de que algunos de esos mails hubieran llegado por error a mi bandeja, de veras. Jajaja, les hubiera dado el tratamiento VIP que tengo apartado para lso fanáticos religiosos, los idiotas por elección propia, los fans de Karmatrón y los padres que golpean a sus hijos. Porque llega un punto en que es estúpido y criminal fomentar y defender ideas insostenibles ante la lógica y la investigación.

    Quiero una película en la que el Michael Jackson de Smooth Criminal tenga que viajar al pasado a inyectarle una dosis de razón y esteroides anabólicos a su versión del pasado, años antes de Thriller, luego de tener una visión o visita del futuro en la que se entere del horror ambulante semi-zombificado en que se volvería en la primera década del siglo XXI. Por alguna paraxoda temporal, el Michael desplazado temporalmente encuentra sexualmente atractivo a su yo de 1970, y le acaba inyectando una muy diferente dosis de algo que no es shampoo pero que sí logra lavarle la cabeza al pequeño Michael lo suficiente para volverlo el demente peterpanesco en negación que todos conocemos, de todos modos. Rulearía 52 universos más la zona nagativa, y ganaría 14 premios Oscar.

  7. Despues de leer todas tus respuestas hacia estos fans no me queda duda de que eres demasiado chingon.

    Si, se que llegue tarde a este blog y a esta entrada, pero tenia que sacar esta admiracion que siento hacia usted por como les rompio su madre a esta bola de pendejos.

  8. Que tonteria mas grande.. sin duda me causan pena ajena con la sarta de cosas que ustedes se ufanan de haber alcanzado contra los “fans” de el señor Michael Jackson. Sinceramente señores : dejan mucho pero mucho que desear..

    • ¡Uy, y eso que nos has leído el resto del blog! Nuestro trato a los pseudofans de Wacko Jacko es tan sólo la menor de las máculas en nuestra túnica de intolerancia visceral y vilipendiosa. ¡Y ni se te ocurra escuchar uno de los podcasts! ¡Madre santísima y Jesús del Metrobus! ¡Lo peor del escarnio, en serio!



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